Are you interested in expanding your reach, increasing your engagement and building your reputation as a thought leader?  


I can help you with my strategic writing services:

  • Ghostwriting: I serve as a ‘thinking partner’ to strategically develop your ideas into articles and updates written in your ‘voice’ that you can publish. 

  • Career stories:  I can tell your career story to let people know what makes you, well, you. By unearthing your insights and experiences, I help replace standard profiles and bios with your engaging, authentic career story. 

  • Web copy: I write clear, authentic, customer-focused copy in your voice, so that your message resonates with your targeted audience. 

  • Case studies: I write case studies, aka client success stories, to demonstrate the value that you deliver to your clients.

  • White papers: White papers position your company as a thought leader and generate leads. They can also be complex, time consuming projects that require someone with the writing experience and project management skills to achieve your goals.

  • Custom content: Have something else in mind?  Contact me, to discuss how I can help you.


My work typically includes:

  • Conducting a strategy session to clarify what you aim to achieve with your writing and identifying ‘your voice’ for communications

  • Developing content to support your idea through our conversations, additional interviews and/or any needed research

  • Drafting your document in ‘your voice’

  • SEO – incorporating keywords into the content

  • Helping you plan and execute an impactful launch of your content


Ready to get started?