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"Power is showing up as yourself, knowing what message you have to share and using your voice as a tool in the world."

Strategic support


We all have a voice. We all have valuable thoughts and insights to share. Sometimes, we just need help in unlocking them. This is where I come in.  


I provide strategic support to help you find your voice, articulate your ideas and use them in a way that will make an impact. 


Who can I help?

  • You know you have an important message but need support in gaining the clarity, and courage to share it.

  • You want to become a thought leader on a subject but need help to develop a plan for creating and sharing content. 

  • You have a big idea but need help fleshing it out.

  • You’re looking to distinguish yourself but need help to articulate your story so that you can speak about it confidently and connect with your ideal audience.

 How it works


My job is to pull out the big ideas in your head and help you refine them into a message that supports your vision and objectives.


Through in depth strategy sessions, I help you get to the heart and soul of your story in order to answer fundamental questions such as:

  • What is your “why” and how does that show up in your content?

  • How do you communicate your vision, values and what you have to offer your ideal audience?

  • How do you tell your story to build trust, elevate your brand and grow your business?


Once you have your story, you can share it in a compelling way and shine.


After we unearth your story, I can help you communicate it via:

  • Your website copy or landing page

  • About/bio pages

  • Articles

  • Social media updates

  • Custom content

How do we start?

We start by having a complimentary conversation. Share with me where you need support or where you’re stuck, and get a sense of what it's like to work with me.