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“Tell me. What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” - Mary Oliver


About me


Why do I believe in the power of coaching?

Because I've witnessed first hand how transformative it can be. Coaching enabled me to look at my life chapters (my MBA, corporate career, motherhood, etc.) and see the common threads of when I felt joy, freedom and was in alignment with my true nature versus when I was bogged down by societal pressure and people pleasing.  

I remember the first day of my coaching training hearing that the first rule of coaching is that I need to “live it to give it”.  I took that to heart. 


All the coaching tools and methodologies I studied and use today to help others experience profound and lasting change; I’ve practiced myself. I’ll be honest, digging deep is sometimes hard, but it’s always worth it.


What is my coaching superpower? 

Listening. In fact, the greatest gift that I can offer others is being fully present and actively listening. I'm highly intuitive. Truly listening allows me to ask powerful questions that will help you uncover your own wisdom and insights. 

Why did I choose a hummingbird for my logo?

I find hummingbirds fascinating and a great metaphor for how I choose to show up in my life.


Despite their small size, they're mighty and in my opinion - magical. They seek out the sweet nectar of life, which is something I want for me and my clients! They are incredibly agile in that they can fly forwards, backwards and can simply hover to enjoy a flower. They also know that they need rest to survive and are masters at using their energy efficiently.  So much to learn from a little bird!

Official Bio


Hannah Rathke is a transformative leadership and life coach based in Toronto, working with people world-wide.  She helps people understand themselves so that they can show up in an authentic and empowered way. She has worked with board of directors, senior leadership of large corporations, purpose-driven entrepreneurs, and people in transition seeking a more meaningful, fulfilling life. 


Prior to founding her coaching practice, she spent well over a decade in corporate consulting at a large, global firm followed by several years as a communications coach and consultant. Her extensive corporate consulting and communications experience coupled with her own entrepreneurial journey provide her a unique lens into the importance of mindset, authenticity and following one’s own north star. 


Hannah holds an international MBA from the University of Hamburg, Germany and an undergraduate degree from McGill University. She completed an extensive International Coaching Federation accredited program led by Martha Beck, PhD from Harvard University, world-renowned life coach and New York Times Best Selling Author. 

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