About me

I believe that words make an impact. I believe that when we courageously share our thoughts, ideas and stories we connect with others.  It is this through this connection that we can shine, emerge as thought leaders and build trust with our audience.


Before transitioning into a career helping my clients to develop high impact content, I was an experienced senior manager at a large, global consulting firm.  I loved the challenge of identifying issues, learning new things and problem solving for clients, but what I discovered was that I truly enjoyed writing, specifically the opportunity to take an idea and present it in a way that would make it resonate with a reader.


Having grown up in the consulting culture (I joined directly after completing my MBA), I understand client service and it’s in my bones to always look for how I can add value. I know there are a lot of good writers out there, but what makes me different is that my consulting experience allows me to be an adviser as we work to unearth your story, articulate it in a meaningful way and connect with others.

What I can write about


My background is financial services consulting and I have in depth understanding and a broad technical vocabulary in this industry. However, I can write about just about anything. I love to dive into detail and synthesize information in order to support a point of view.  


I enjoy balancing the technical writing with telling a good story. Today we recognize that it’s storytelling that builds connection. Some of my favourite topics include leadership, customer experience and the importance of ‘soft skills’ in business.