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Welcome to a new way of leadership - Authentic Leadership


The world has changed. 
What is asked of leaders has changed. 

This has been a catalyst for organizations to step back and ask if things could be done in a better way.


The answer is yes – and I can help.

It's time to make the most of who you are, instead of who you think you should be. And then help your team do the same. 


Using proven tools and techniques, I’ll help you step into your personal leadership potential - in a way that feels right for you.

The result?  More creativity, diversity, collaboration and magic. 


Why now?

Research shows that organizations are increasingly prioritizing social skills over technical and financial savvy when filling C-suite roles. But often leaders need support to foster the culture needed to succeed today. That's where I can help. 

We are in a unique, historical moment of unlearning. We are unlearning that:

Leadership needs to look and sound a certain way. 

Success requires stress and sacrifice.

If something isn't working, we should just work harder. 

We need to conform to cultural and institutional norms to contribute. 

My Services

1:1 Coaching    //    Group coaching    //    Workshops

  • What Is Authentic Leadership?
    Recognizing that the most successful leaders are self-aware. Understanding your skills and talents but also your opportunities for growth and development. ​ Showing up with authenticity, allowing others to do the same.   Cultivating an environment of trust and unifying the team around a purpose. ​ Balancing IQ with EQ (emotional intelligence) and empathy.  ​ Fostering a culture of open and intentional communication.   Knowing how to use your energy most effectively and how to achieve big things with ease.
  • Who is this for?
    This for you, if you: ·    Want to do big things without selling your soul ·    Understand that leadership metrics of the past no longer work ·    Sense that you could be making more of an impact ·    Seek to foster a team that is creative, collaborative, inclusive and ultra-effective
  • What can you expect from 1:1 coaching?
    ·Having a safe, confidential space with a trained, unbiased thought partner to discuss challenges and get clarity around solutions. ·Assisting you in identifying your personal culture and leadership style through inquiry and active listening. ·Identifying both a long-term vision and the small goals that need to be achieved to realize that vision ·Recognizing and working through blind spots and limiting beliefs ·Identifying stressors and developing strategies to face pressure head on ·Helping you to find your voice and lead from a place of authenticity so that you in turn can help your team do the same.
  • How long does coaching last and what are your professional fees?
    · My clients typically work with me for a minimum six months to experience momentum and lasting change. · I offer packages that make sense based upon you or your organization's needs.

Work With Me

I offer a free discovery call to explore questions, get to know each other, and see if we are a good fit.

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