Your message matters.

My job is to help convey your message to your audience in a compelling way to build your brand.  


You have deep subject matter knowledge and valuable ideas to share, but it’s challenging to find time to write about them to build your brand. 


 I can help.  With well over a decade in the professional services industry, I understand the business and the importance of developing your reputation as a thought leader and elevating your personal brand. 


I can make things easier by working with you as a ‘thinking partner’ and content strategist to develop your ideas into persuasive content to deliver to a targeted audience succinctly, clearly and effectively.


Hi, I'm Hannah.

I help leaders create high impact content to communicate and connect better.


As a content strategist, communications coach and business writer based in Toronto, I draw upon my extensive corporate consulting experience to help my clients build their reputations as thought leaders. 

While facts and data are important, they’re more powerful when they’re wrapped in a story (i.e. woven together in a meaningful way). Stories are memorable and are what inspire action. I like to think of my work as ‘storytelling as a service’.

Have an idea, point of view, or story to share?

Notebook and Pen